The 26-1 package is fairly simple to create, more if you cannot mind obtaining the internal speakers once and for all disconnected.

The 26-1 package is fairly simple to create, more if you cannot mind obtaining the internal speakers once and for all disconnected.


October 26, 2021

The 26-1 package is fairly simple to create, more if you cannot mind obtaining the internal speakers once and for all disconnected.

The most basic setup requires i) A six pin amphenol plug, ii) a fuse holder with 5A fuse, iii) an electronics activity field or comparable homes and iv) a single pole – single-throw change of your choice equipped to handle line AC voltages. Keep in mind that the 1 through 6 pin-out throughout the socket are the reverse of this seen above. In order to avoid misunderstandings count pins 1 through 6 as above while viewing the outlet from back (where you solder the wires through the organ).

Hooking a Leslie 147 to a console

Typically, you will want to push the Leslie input off among the G-G Outputs and (AO-28 body) soil. Reportedly, you’ll be able to push the Leslie both G-G outputs to get more drive. (Either way, ensure that you put the Leslie weight resistor turn inside back place.)

Keep in mind that in an unchanged A-100, you’ll catch the Leslie to either the G-G output(s), or perhaps to the speaker levels outputs from the AO-39. Be mindful that there’s a high-cut filtration inside AO-39, so that the alert into the Leslie are going to getting bass-heavy if provided from amplifier output.

For information about how to wire a primary outfit Echo switch to turn between a Hammond build Cabinet (or 122-type Leslie) and and 147-type Leslie, read principal Echo flipping For A100 With Leslie 147 .

This writeup was actually graciously given by Harvey Olsen :

Electro Audio (and soon after CBS) couldn’t give manufacturer packages to connect so-called “universal” or general-purpose Leslies to Hammond console body organs without interior audio speaker methods. It was done to protect Hammond dealers whom, at the time comprise accountable for a lot of Leslie’s purchases. Any songs dealer could promote 147s and other general-purpose Leslies, but only Hammond dealers sold Hammond-type Leslies just like the 21H, 22H, and 122. But the 147 hookup is fairly simple and re­quires just very little technical knowledge.

This hook-up is supposed for Hammond tonewheel consoles with

  1. Balanced (a.k.a. push-pull or G-G) outputs
  2. A self-powered preamp (with an electrical transformer and 6X5 or 6X4 rectifier pipe)
  3. No integrated electricity amp and speakers

Excepting the ?D-100 show (in fact it is really an unit ?RT-3 together with the elements from a PR-40 build cabinet set up into the organ), Hammond console areas with built-in power amplifiers like A-100 series can drive 147-type Leslies straight from the speaker outputs. In this instance, one of several standard Leslie connector systems may be used and a custom hookup is not required.

Incorporated Hammond items include: B2, B3, C2, C3, D-100 show, RT-2, and RT-3. Early Hammond systems just like the A, BC, CV, D, RT, an such like. aren’t self-powered and need DC (B+) from a Hammond tone cupboard or Hammond-type Leslie to power the preamp. “Non-Hammond” Leslies haven’t any supply to produce this electricity but can be utilized with very early systems if a separate babylon escort Hillsboro DC provider are given.

Included Leslie models are: 31W, 44W, 45, 46W, 47, 47R, 145, 145A, 147, 147V, 147RV, 245, 247, 247RV, 147A, and 147A-T. (versions 25, 125, and 225 with energy amps is electrically suitable but try not to have rotary treble horns and they are not advised for gaming console body organs.)

NOTE: dont rewire the body organ’s stock 5-pin build cabinet outlet for 147-type Leslies or need a 5-to-6 pin Hammond cable for this reason! Performing this could cause a significant electric hazard. Universal-type Leslies require another 6-pin socket, that should become designated “147” or similar. Extreme caution people never to utilize this outlet for Hammond tone cupboards or Hammond-type Leslies. In the event the body organ can equipped with an 8000 or close Hammond-type connector package, make sure the transmission feed is held individual from the 147 hookup. 147-type Leslie models don’t have any supply to identify the DC control voltage included in Hammond-type hookups.

For temporary incorporate, you’ll be able to remove the six-pin plug from a six conductor Leslie wire making the following associations right to the body organ’s preamp. But this kind of hook-up shouldn’t be useful for mobile or long lasting use. The installation might be neater and less dangerous in the event that six-pin outlet is actually set up within the organ’s retailer package.

Set the weight turn in Leslie electricity amp with the “open” position. This finishes the hook-up. If a 122-type “half-moon” change can be used, it’s going to run backwards with 147-type Leslies. To repair the trouble, merely rewire the turn using the previously untouched pair of terminals. (the exact same changes were utilized both for 122 and 147 means systems while having two sets of connections.)

If a Hammond build closet or second Leslie belongs to the installation, they need to end up being “in stage.” Two organ speakers near along has a noticeably uneven pedal response when the bass speakers is of level. Should this happen, move the alert link from pin 6 to the other “G” terminal.

147-type Leslies are easily included with present Hammond-Leslie installation with some safety measures. There clearly was a number of alert available but the unit’s AC wiring can provide electricity for only two tone cabinets. If a 3rd presenter can be used, an electrical relay need accustomed reduce the electrical weight from the body organ. Furthermore, the life span with the body organ’s “run” turn try prolonged in the event the present burden are paid down.

Universal-type Leslies should really be connected directly the body organ preamp. In the event the organ keeps echo or other indication changing, these must be bypassed. Hammond units comprise typically made use of just with exterior cupboards with balanced inputs. It’s possible to develop a switching system for well-balanced and unbalanced in­puts although circuit is far more complex and beyond the scope of this venture.