HIV-positive males can use ‘POZ events’ to lessen threat of spread of HIV, but various other health problems might engaging

HIV-positive males can use ‘POZ events’ to lessen threat of spread of HIV, but various other health problems might engaging


November 25, 2021

HIV-positive males can use ‘POZ events’ to lessen threat of spread of HIV, but various other health problems might engaging

Sex activities in which HIV-positive gay guys see for non-safe sex could help reduce the scatter of HIV, but could incorporate a threat of sexually transmitted infection and superinfection with resilient stress of HIV, in recon accordance with a pilot research carried out in nyc and posted within the October version of Sexually sent attacks.

Although the study are delivered in calculated words, and it is careful to highlight both possibly positive and negative health implications of gender events involving HIV-positive gay males, or a€?POZ partiesa€? since the authors refer to them as, a mass media production from the writers from the record used a whole lot more sensational vocabulary and generated alarmist statements including a€?POZ activities dispersed extremely tension of HIVa€? inside common hit.

Happenings particularly POZ people may signify an effort by HIV-positive homosexual men to select sexual partners of the same HIV status, alleged a€?serosortinga€?. Though there has become substantial studies in to the intimate behaviour of homosexual men in recent times, little known about homosexual intercourse events. Consequently researchers set out to describe the characteristics of males whom attend POZ events, their particular grounds for doing so, the kinds of intercourse they involved with at these types of people, her medicine use at these activities as well as their intimate behaviour beyond people which present different HIV-positive men.



Picking intimate couples of the identical HIV reputation, or limiting condomless gender to couples of the same HIV updates. As a threat reduction technique, the downside for HIV-negative men and women is that they can just only be sure of these HIV reputation whenever they last took a test, whereas HIV-positive visitors are confident they understand their particular position

pilot learn

Minor, basic learn, conducted to judge feasibility, energy, expenses, undesirable events, and enhance upon the design of another full-scale research project.


Whenever someone currently infected with HIV was exposed to yet another tension of HIV and turns out to be infected with it along with their unique present trojan.


A variant characterised by a particular genotype.


Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, are recreational medicines sniffed during intercourse to both intensify the ability and loosen anal sphincter muscle tissue.

Detectives interviewed a maximum of 115 males at ten POZ party activities in New York from inside the second half of 2003. Most boys happened to be white (70per cent) and 97per cent asserted that that they had intercourse specifically along with other boys. The average duration of HIV illness had been 10 years, although this varied between two months and 2 decades. Antiretroviral treatments had been used by 69% of men and typical years was actually 42 ages. A sexually transmitted problems in the year in advance of attending the sex celebration was actually reported by a third of men.

Over a third of men said that their unique biggest reason behind participating in a POZ celebration is often a€?dona€™t need to bother about disclosing my HIV statusa€? (35per cent) or a€?like having uninhibited or unrestricted sexa€? (35per cent). On top of that, 15% of males cited a€?dona€™t need to bother about infecting othersa€? since their major reason for attending case.

an earlier gender party regarding HIV-positive people was indeed went to by 75per cent of men, the majority of who asserted that they went to her earliest these types of celebration between 2000-03, showing that such activities got gained in appeal recently. Males reported going to happenings in several us urban centers and also in European countries.

All of the guys (88percent) said that that they had dental sex with one or more individual at a POZ celebration, with 60per cent proclaiming that they had unprotected open anal sex (along with three-quarters of these individuals receiving climax) and 72per cent stating that that they had have exposed insertive rectal intercourse at this type of a meeting (with 69per cent of those guys stating that they ejaculated within partner).

There was little evidence of drug usage at POZ party happenings. Despite recent worry in the United States about methamphetamine and erection dysfunction medications fuelling intimate possibilities getting, the investigators discovered that just 11per cent of men reported the employment of any amphetamine and only 1percent of males asserted that they used Viagra before or throughout celebration. Besides, the investigators observed small evidence of medication use besides poppers.

The detectives draw some inferences off their research. First of all, the parties they analyzed seem to be an endeavor at a€?serosortinga€?. Secondly, drug use is certainly not a dominating ability among these occasions; and, finally, intercourse activities involving HIV-positive gay men may possibly provide an as yet unrealised chance of health advertisement.

a€?POZ functions could potentially play a role in decreases inside scatter of HIV illness through self-selection of HIV-positive sexual partnersa€?, determine the investigators. But the great benefits of these a€?serosortinga€? maybe undermined from the spread out of intimately carried bacterial infections additionally the a€?diffusion of HIV superinfection, both among HIV-positive guys at POZ activities as well as their HIV-negative sex associates various other spots.a€?

Clatts MC et al. an emerging HIV possibility ecosystem: an initial epidemiological visibility of an MSM POZ celebration in nyc. Intercourse Transm Infect 81: 373 a€“ 376, 2005.