An exploratory research of Muslim teenagers’ horizon on sexuality: Implications for sex knowledge and avoidance

An exploratory research of Muslim teenagers’ horizon on sexuality: Implications for sex knowledge and avoidance


November 30, 2021

An exploratory research of Muslim teenagers’ horizon on sexuality: Implications for sex knowledge and avoidance


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This paper defines the outcome of an exploratory qualitative learn on Muslim teens’ opinions on sex inside Netherlands.


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Information had been gathered from an online discussion board by which 44 Muslim and 33 non-Muslim adolescents discussed sex because it relates to Islam. These discussions comprise afterwards assessed for content using Nvivo 2.0.


Our investigations unveiled a number of issues that are pertinent for your design of potential intercourse degree products concentrating on Muslim childhood. Aside from some expected outcome relating to, like, taboos on sexuality, gender outside wedding, abortion, homosexuality and traditional gender parts, our analyses revealed that in situations of disagreements 1) talks had been polarized, 2) adversaries used the exact same Qur’anic passages to aid her opinions, and 3) the authority of an Imam ended up being questioned whenever their explanation of Qur’anic passages wasn’t on the basis of the opinions of players.


The results show that existing ways to intercourse knowledge among Muslim youthfulness could be not successful because of the rigidity of intimate norms in Muslim community. On top of that, we additionally determined brand new barriers to gender education among Muslim teens (example. insufficient value for an Imam which opposes a youth’s opinions on sex).


The growing cultural and spiritual variety of European communities [1] has generated the urgent significance of health advertisement programs capable of successfully altering teenagers’ intimate behavior in a multicultural and multi-religious environment [2, 3]. The need for these fitness applications try further justified because of the larger incidence of intimately transmitted bacterial infections (STIs) among non-Western immigrants weighed against nationals [4, 5]. In hardly any other religion or customs is sexuality therefore directly incorporated with religious policies as in Islam [6]. Since health publicity programs are most reliable when based on both theoretical notions and empirical evidence [3, 7], it’s vital to diagnose these guidelines as well as their impact on the panorama that Muslim teens posses on sexuality. Although researchers posses analyzed just how Islam influences Muslim teenagers’ vista on sexuality [e.g., [6, 810], huge holes remain in our knowledge about the relationship between Islamic consideration and sex. The current paper defines an exploratory learn about relationship between Islam and sexuality during the Netherlands.

Islam and sexuality

Islam features viewed fast growth through the entire European mainland in recent decades. At this time, 5per cent for the Dutch inhabitants elderly 18 decades and overhead tend to be Muslim. The majority of these youthful folks are of Moroccan and Turkish descent [11]. Spiritual idea are of massive influence on believers’ views and opinions concerning sexuality [12, 13]. Sexuality in Islam is not limited to procreation as with most other monotheistic religions. Alternatively, sex is recognized as being a manifestation of spirituality. But Islam does distinguish between ‘legitimate’ and ‘illegitimate’ sexuality (referred to as nikah and zinah respectively), predicated on marital standing [14]. Sex within marriage try permitted and socially accepted; sexuality outside marriage was restricted and socially unsatisfactory [6, 14]. For that reason, sex isn’t just subject to religious regulations, additionally has actually outcomes for folks’s social, economic and general public updates [14].

Data for the Netherlands has shown that Muslim girls and ladies as much as the age of 25 have little experience with sex weighed against their particular Christian and non-religious equivalents. Muslim guys, however, become reasonably experienced with sexuality in contrast to Christian and non-religious colleagues [15]. Furthermore, Muslim girls become much less proficient in sexuality than their particular non-Muslim peers [16].

Different studies show that immigration could cause Muslims to challenge their particular current panorama on sexuality [8, 17]. Huang and Akhtar [18] believe immigration can cause alterations in the relative significance of sexuality in day to day life, together with opinions on homosexuality, wedding, and cross-cultural or cross-religious relationships. Resulting from contact with various other cultures, the opinions that immigrant Muslims posses on sexuality and intimate decision-making usually much more individualistic [17, 19]. But although immigration can change Muslims’ opinions on sex [8, 17, 18], this does not mean that sex training and protection applications focusing on these Muslims don’t require special attention. By way of example, clashes between existing and newer horizon of sexuality may establish ‘positive’ together with ‘negative’ for safe intercourse tactics [18].

Although the relationship between Islam and attitudes toward sex and intimate attitude has now received growing attention, there are large caveats inside our comprehension of this commitment including their ramifications for intercourse studies and prevention products. This could at the very least to some extent be described by fact that Muslim teens are relatively reluctant to take part in reports about sex. Certainly, Muslim involvement was somewhat minimal in standard study researches [15]. For that reason, the main focus enjoys shifted to a very secondary means of mobilizing Muslim teens for data utilizing the websites. Much more particularly, Web community forums, and this can be regarded as a type of focus people interview, were utilized to this end in our research.

Net and data

As an extremely latest and important way offered to doctors and teachers, the online world has actually potentially limitless dissemination, accessibility and likelihood [20, 21]. Tentative procedures have been recently taken towards creating an online business in interventions and quantitative research [2225]. The value of using the realm of websites for qualitative research has already been acknowledged [2628]. Specifically, net analysis can help explore if not hard-to-reach communities [26], for example Muslim teens [15]. Using facts accumulated from an online message board, today’s learn additionally adds to the insights concerning the applicability of net message board talks to review attitudes and viewpoints regarding debatable problem like Islam and sex.


The current learn will explore the relationship between Islamic think and vista on sex among Muslim adolescents inside Netherlands. We focus on the after data inquiries. 1st, exactly what are Muslim teenagers’ recent horizon on sex? Simply by using an example that differs from those included in earlier research, we were enthusiastic about whether we’re able to reproduce previous findings or recognize any new opinions. Second, just how and also to login what extent manage these views differ from the views of non-Muslim teens? By comparing Muslim teenagers’ opinions with the ones from non-Muslims we anticipated to identify ‘problematic’ opinions (in the same manner they may hinder sex studies initiatives) with an increase of convenience. Third, we wished to understand whether present ways to sex education among Muslim adolescents are usually successful, and whether latest strategies could be determined. In this exploratory research, we utilized information on sexuality amassed from an Internet discussion message board. We would not search moral approval because of this learn due to the fact websites online forums were openly easily accessible.